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About InfoMotion

InfoMotion® is a world leader for developing and commercializing advanced motion-sensor firmware and software designed for the Internet of Things (IoT). We deliver OEM solutions to partners serving many industries with clear product strategies, global distribution capabilities, and who share a common goal: a desire for sustainable market leadership in the IoT.  

Our award-winning Powered by InfoMotion® software suite delivers superior experiences, at low cost, with virtually no modifications needed to existing PCB hardware design. Products utilizing the Powered by InfoMotion suite produce amazingly accurate information and surprisingly personal experiences during nearly any fitness or complex motion activity. 


Our team focuses on quantifying and digitizing muscle-memory based skills resulting in the world’s pioneering leader for innovating sports products.

Mike Crowley

Michael J. Crowley
Founder & CEO

Founder/co-founder of multiple technology start-ups. Leads partnering and strategic relationships for InfoMotion. Graduate (BBA) of St. Joseph’s College, MBA from U. of Michigan.

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Michael J. Crowley, Founder and CEO of InfoMotion Sports Technologies, has led the Company’s vision and sales growth to date including the successful launch and marketing of its 94Fifty basketball products. As the co-developer of the current product, he is named as an inventor or co-inventor on all of the Company’s intellectual property. Mike is considered a pioneer for identifying early trends in the digital sports technology market, which has become the dominant strategy for the sporting goods and sports broadcast market in the past three years.

Since 1995, Mike has been a founder or co-founder in multiple early-stage business and technology ventures and has helped to secure early and seed-stage equity and debt financing for those firms, including both angel and institutional financing. He has significant experience in managing intellectual property strategy and negotiating intellectual property licensing deals.

As the CEO of InfoMotion, Mike has also developed the international and domestic sales force and marketing strategy which has led the company to expand its sales across the U.S. and four continents. He has also been instrumental in attracting the attention of and leading successful negotiations with key strategic partners for the Company.

A 1993 graduate of St. Joseph’s College in Rensselaer, IN, Mike began his career as a C.P.A. in Indianapolis, IN. He earned his MBA from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. He currently resides in Attleboro, MA.

Mark Davisson

Mark J. Davisson
President & CTO

20 years of executive level business experience in managing both start-ups and large corporations.  Formerly Accenture’s North American Sales and Consulting lead for Mobility Services.  BS Computer Science from St. Joseph’s College.

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Mark joined InfoMotion in early 2012 from Accenture Chicago, where he served as the North American Sales and Consulting lead for Accenture Mobility Services, responsible for annual sales of $60 Million. He brought nearly 20 years of technical and executive level business experience in managing complex technology environments, products, and people for both start-ups and large corporations.

Mark is considered a pioneer in the expansion of the early commercialization of the Internet, providing technical engineering and operational direction for some of the largest “dot.com” era companies such as AOL and WorldCom while managing products and infrastructure connecting millions of people. Mark was distinguished as an AOL Founder by then CEO Steve Case for his early pioneering successes in managing unprecedented Internet growth from 1994 to 1997, including the launch of entire International markets.
During his time at Accenture, Mark was the co-inventor of the Accenture Life Safety Solution, where Mark directed the Accenture team and solution partners to produce and market a wireless personal gas sensor device and software solution designed to save the lives for workers operating in highly dangerous and remote work environments. This patented technology has opened up new markets for Accenture in deploying wireless and mobility solutions in large Oil & Gas, Chemical and Natural Resource environments. The product was one of three recognized globally within Accenture as the innovation of the year in 2010. This link provides an overview of the complexity and scale of this product, which Mark led from conception to commercialization. (Accenture Life Safety Solution)

Prior to joining Accenture, Mark managed mission critical communication projects for other multi-national Energy companies including BP and Entergy. These projects required leveraging large, global teams with project budgets often exceeding $30 million. One of his most recognized successes involved the deployment of wireless connectivity for a new early warning system in a New York nuclear plant, allowing the facility to avoid fines of over $1 million per day due to on-time delivery of the system.

In his career, Mark was also the Founder of Caimis, Inc, an Internet Network Management software company, which he grew and sold during the difficult economic conditions immediately after September 11th, 2001.
Mark is a certified Professional Managed Professional (PMP) and has leveraged this capability to deploy many successful mission critical projects, commercialize new innovative products, and manage complex teams and large budgets while operating with difficult deadline requirements. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Saint Joseph’s College (IN).

Michael Maziarz
VP of Product Development

Former engineering executive at Spalding with 15 years experience in sports equipment and sports inflatables product development, production, and quality assurance. Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Western New England University.

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Mike Maziarz joined IST in 2013 as its Senior Director of Product Development and Procurement, bringing over 15 years of sports equipment and sports inflatables product development, production, and quality assurance experience to InfoMotion.

Prior to joining InfoMotion, he previously held positions as both an engineering manager and senior product development engineer for Spalding Inc., where he was instrumental in bringing some of their most advanced and successful inflatable products to market, including the both the Spalding Infusion and award winning Neverflat product lines.

Mike began his professional career as a fluid dynamics engineer for General Dynamics Electric Boat, Inc., where he worked to develop and analyze piping systems for nuclear submarines and naval carriers. In his early career with Spalding, he was a Golf Club Design Engineer from 2000 to 2003, a Senior Research and Development Engineer from 2003 to 2007, and an Engineering Manager for Backboard Systems from 2007 to 2008.
As part of the engineering teams at Spalding, Mike was also highly involved with the overseas production and quality control process, and maintains many of those contacts that allow InfoMotion to source the highest quality production for its sophisticated products. He is trained in Design for Six Sigma (product development implementing Six Sigma quality standards), is a named inventor on over 20 issued U.S. patents and pending patent applications.

Mike earned his Undergraduate and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Western New England University, and resides in Springfield, MA.

Matt Pasternack
Sr. Experience Director

He’s led the InfoMotion product and digital app experience efforts that were recognized with 2014 and 2015 CES Innovation awards and has garnered two bronze medal CLIO Sports Marketing Awards. BS in Design from The Ohio State University.

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Matt Pasternack joined InfoMotion in early 2014 and leads all digital and product experiences, marketing creative and app design for InfoMotion.

He brings a unique mix of highly creative thinking skills and business acumen to InfoMotion. Set with overseeing the product and app user experiences, edge-cases and debugging across all devices, Matt also leads projects for video communication, print/digital media, digital products and product packaging where his work has established the Company’s 94Fifty and InfoMotion brands in the digital fitness market. 

While at IST, he has led the product packaging and product video experience efforts garnering two bronze medal CLIO Sports Marketing Awards. He led the app planning, design and user experience efforts that were recognized with 2014 and 2015 CES Innovation awards. 

Prior to IST, Matt owned and ran a boutique design and user experience consulting agency that specialized in end-to-end user experiences, design and customer journey mapping. His work has received multiple ADDY awards, PRSA Prism awards, and CSCA creative best recognitions along with working on projects for brands such as The Limited, Gildan, Gold Toe, Bob Evans and 2Checkout. 

Matt holds a B.S. degree in Design from The Ohio State University and works out of the Company’s engineering offices in Columbus, OH.

Kevin King, Ph.D
Technical Advisory Board

8 years at the U. of Michigan developing nearly all aspects of InfoMotion’s core technology. One of the world’s foremost experts on applying MEMS inertial sensors to the measurement of sports motion. Villanova University – BS.  PhD Univ. of Michigan.

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Kevin has led the efforts to create and refine a proprietary, rapid development process for perfecting the most sophisticated and responsive motion sensing algorithms in the world. The highly iterative process, known internally as REM for Rapid Embeddable Motion, allows the company to identify desired motions, create baseline algorithms, transform them into embedded systems for processing with great speed and precision at the point of motion, and confirm their accuracy. Perfecting this process allows the Company to capture, process, compare and send up to 1,000 times more data per second than its competitors to any mobile device, such as phones, tablets, and wearable technologies. The development and successful commercialization of products utilizing this process has been instrumental in the Company’s ability to create amazing customer experiences while allowing for product expansion flexibility for future IST powered products.

Prior to working with InfoMotion, Kevin spent nearly eight years at the University of Michigan utilizing inertial motion sensors to develop the earliest known versions of functional advanced sports motion algorithms for golf, baseball, bowling, and hockey. He is one of the world’s foremost experts on commercializing MEMS inertial sensors for the measurement of sports motion. Kevin holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and earned his Master’s degree in ME from the University of Michigan and his undergraduate degree from Villanova University.

Our Expertise

Fast to Market.
Low Risk.
Superior Product Experiences.

InfoMotion has developed a rapid approach for transforming ideas into differentiated commercialized products quickly with dramatically lower development risk. Our Rapid Embeddable Motion (R.E.M) process utilizes a combination of the Powered by InfoMotion firmware suite with our proprietary motion algorithm libraries to help our partners target specific fitness and health segments.

The R.E.M process quickly fuses either existing or new algorithms into native embedded system architectures via a highly iterative team development process. Unlike typical development cycles which can require up to 3 years, the InfoMotion R.E.M. process reduces the time to successfully develop and launch new fitness applications to a matter of months.