InfoMotion Sports Technologies, Inc. (InfoMotion) is the world’s leader in developing motion sensor technology to measure muscle memory development for high-intensity team sports applications. For sports like soccer, basketball, hockey, volleyball and many others, muscle memory skills are the basis of the success in the game, and repetition, or perfect repetition is what develops these skills quickly.

Our revolutionary technology quantifies and analyzes subjective skills by capturing thousands of movements per second and providing instant feedback and personalized improvement plans. By making skill development more measurable and rewarding, InfoMotion motivates players to raise the competitiveness of their skills and the sports programs where they participate.

InfoMotion captures data that is both personal and comparable, which enables the foundation for unique and highly interactive on-line sports communities. With our technologies, we allow players to measure, monitor, and improve their performance and to interact with and compare performance to other athletes around the world in an engaging, entertaining manner…in real time.

Product: 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball

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