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IST’s award winning engineering combines a host of technologies to produce premium digital coaching experiences. We combine up to nine different motion sensors, bluetooth communication, and wireless charging within sports objects and wearable form factors. Powering the physical InfoMotion chip is a sophisticated suite of patented algorithms designed to capture patterns of motion from within the object, reporting accurate results back to mobile devices within a hundred milliseconds to that actionable feedback can be created for nearly any complex motion.
Our technology is designed to adapt to its user while allowing him/her to understand progress in ways never before available. We give players, coaches, and trainers a rich snapshot of core skills in a digital format that today’s athletes demand to maximize confidence, success, and performance.

Digital Coach Sports Applications

InfoMotion technology is the standard for monitoring, measuring and improving complex motor skills for mulitple sports applications from team sports like basketball and soccer to other sports related fields such as physical therapy and motor skill rehabilitation. Our products are the first to successfully combine a full suite of technologies to create a true Digital Coach, giving our customers access to a 24/7 elite training experience even when a human coach is not available.


All InfoMotion sports connect and share data with our online sport-specific communities. These communities provide athletes a new way to connect, share and compete. InfoMotion communities provide the ability to:

  • Receive personal statistics, reports, workouts and videos
  • Compare individual scores against other InfoMotion scored players in your region, country or world
  • Track progress and measure improvement
  • Challenge other players to compete in real time