InfoMotion Basketball players improve their muscle memory for core skills like dribbling, passing and shooting. For shooting, we measure things like shot spin, shot arc and shot release speed to the millisecond. For dribbling, we measure things like number of bounces, dribble force, dribble speed, control, strong/weak hand analysis, etc.

InfoMotion technology is quickly becoming the new standard for monitoring, measuring and improving muscle memory skills in team sports. New sport-specific products are currently under development and planned for release. InfoMotion products will address team sports skills such as:

  • Ball/puck rotation – soccer, hockey, volleyball, football
  • Ball/puck power & force – soccer, hockey, volleyball, football
  • Core strength, agility, balance, speed, power, explosion – all sports
  • First touch – soccer, hockey
  • Hang time – football, soccer, volleyball
  • Shot control & accuracy – soccer, hockey, volleyball
  • Shot speed & acceleration – hockey, soccer, volleyball
  • Shot/throw/kick arc – soccer, volleyball, football
  • Strong/weak hand/foot analysis – soccer, volleyball